With the hard winter we experienced last year, a lot of roofs we are looking at are showing damage as the result of ice dams. Have questions about a roof inspection? Please make sure to have your roof inspected before the snow flies! A lot of homeowners never look closely at their roof until they have a leak or signs of moisture damage. Often the cost of a roof repair or tune up is far less than the cost of damage caused by leaks.

I recommend that you look at your roof at least twice a year. Before and after the winter season, say November and May. You should also take a look after a heavy wind or hail storm.

Many roofs can be reviewed from the ground with binoculars, but some may have hidden valleys or be of such a low pitch, that they cannot be properly viewed from the ground. When the roof has to be walked to review it properly, I suggest a professional roofing or inspection company be consulted.

Remember that the roofing company’s interest, is in selling you a roof, so ensure that you deal with someone reputable.

When inspecting your own roof here are a few things to check for:

  • Loose or missing shingles.
  • Excessive buckling and curling of shingles –this may signal time for a re-shingle.
  • Damaged flashings around plumbing stacks.
  • Loose or unsealed flashings at roof to wall.
  • Excessive wear at valleys.
  • Chimney shell deterioration.
  • Flat roofs are a whole other subject and there are certainly other roof materials that are not as commonly used as shingles, but this should help with the majority of roofs.

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