Are you thinking of selling your home? Increase the value of your home before selling it, quickly and easily. Within the first 30 seconds buyers enter your home, they’ve already formed an opinion of it. This is why it’s crucial you make your best impression from the curb appeal all the way out to the back yard, The best way to make a buyer “feel at home” is to make your house look and feel like a “model” home.

Here are some easy and simple steps to increase the value of your home:

  1. Keep colours light and neutral. Shades of white, off-white and very light pastels are ideal for inside.
  2. Limit bright colours to accents like fresh cut flowers, towels, area rugs etc.
  3. Keep windows clean and in good repair. New towels in a bathroom along with a new shower curtain and other accents show that the home has been cared for.
  4. Use adequate wattage in lighting. Make sure your light fixtures are dusted and clean as this improves the overall look of a room.
  5. Ensure that all rooms are virtually spotless and smell clean and fresh.
  6. Organize cabinets and drawers along with closets to maximize the storage space you have.
  7. Have all carpets professionally cleaned. Sometimes a new carpet is best as the wear and tear on rugs show over time.
  8. The smells in a home have more impact on Buyers than you would expect. Ensure that your home always has a clean fresh scent. Even the refrigerator should not smell when opened. Smells to avoid are pet odours, tobacco, cooking oils and heavy artificial scents.
  9. Keep lawns trimmed, flower beds and containers weed free and well watered.

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