This is a great session for real estate agents to learn the steps to mastering all aspects of a listing consultation with potential clients.

Frank Bertucca will be teaching a free learning session on Friday, March 11th from 1-2:30pm at Keller Williams Referred Urban Realty (Map): 624 King St. W. in Toronto.

RSVP by calling: 416-572-1016 or online

Master your listing consultations like a pro!

What Will You Learn?

Step 1. The Big Picture

  • Know your scripts, Your Value and Your Market Data
  • Prepare yourself
  • Effective communication
  • Choose your most effective format

Step 2. The Consultation

  • Confirm the appointment
  • Adopt a yes mindset
  • How to communicate effectively at the home
  • Understand your client to get a signature
  • Be a consultant
  • Handle objections

Step 3. Follow Up

  • How to say thank you and start servicing
  • Getting referrals
  • Choosing who you do business with
  • Building your own unique plan

RSVP by calling: 416-572-1016 or online

About Frank: Born & raised in central Toronto, you couldn’t find anyone who understands how the city has grown and changed in the last 40 years better than Frank Bertucca. Frank is as personable a guy as you will ever meet and knows all the ins and outs, movers and shakers in Toronto. With a commitment to service and a straight goods approach as a seasoned real estate agent, Frank can find value in any neighborhood.